Event Canceled

CRC 2018 has been canceled due to weather.

The high pressure that sat over the area caused extremely high winds and seas for the week up to and through the planned race day. After a delay and schedule change we reviewed the weather further and officially canceled the race. The race committee and Commodore Escrich from HIYC all agree that the existing unstable weather preceding the strong front coming in Monday evening that will close Hemingway Marina and the potential for thunderstorms and squalls in the Florida straights will make a crossing hazardous. We do not want to risk anyone’s well being for this event. We wish all participants the best and appreciate your understanding in our decision to keep everyone safe. Hope to see you in future.

Welcome to the 10th Conch Republic Cup (CRC2018)

Key West Cuba Race Week
Cultural Exchange Through Sport

Jan 26-Feb 3, 2018

Welcome to the 10th edition of the Conch Republic Cup!  We will welcome the small fleet of competitors this year with our traditional Skipper’s meeting and Welcome party in Key West at the Schooner Wharf Bar and Grill January 26th. We are pleased and excited to join with Evalena and her crew at Schooner’s to host the Key West events this year. Schooner Wharf Bar and Grill has long been seen as “The”sailors bar in Key West and has a very long and storied history.  As you may know they host the Wrecker’s Race Series, an “all-in-fun race series that recalls the tradition of the wreckers in the Key West of the 1800’s.” Perhaps we will join them next year in one of their races as a kick off to the CRC 2019…

At the welcome party we will have Coral Reef Sailing Apparel present with the one of a kind designed CRC2018 T-shirt and sailing gear available to for all competitors and public alike.

We have once again partnered with WRI, Weather Routing Inc., and Kattack. WRI is supplying weather data to all the participants again this year via email.  They will provide regular updates as we approach the race and throughout the event.

Kattack is providing the tracking software so we can monitor all the participating vessels and the public can watch as they cross the Gulf Stream to and from Havana.

We hope to have a good ole sailors send off for this regatta, thanks to Rum Drinks sponsored by Pusser’s Rum.

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Conch Republic Cup 2017 - A Cultural Exchange through Sport

Island Flyer Perseveres to Win 2017 Conch Republic Cup

KEY WEST, FLA. (February 9, 2017) –Denny Manrique (Tonka Bay, Minnesota) and the crew aboard his Wauquiez Centurion 40 Island Flyer have won the Conch Republic Cup (CRC) with a best-overall performance in the four-part series that comprised this year’s Key West Cuba Race Week. Hosted by Key West Community Sailing Center and Cuba’s Hemingway International Yacht Club, the event took place January 22 – February 3.

Due to light winds, Manrique’s team was one of only two teams to complete the initial 100-mile Key West to Varadero race within a time limit of 22 hours. (The other was Second Star, a J/122 skippered by J.D. Hill of Dallas, Texas, who finished first in this race.)

Denny Manrique’s Island Flyer team, underway and at the Trophy Presentation (photo credit: Priscilla Parker)

“The winds were from the rear, so trying to fly the spinnaker for hours on end was rather difficult, but we kept on top of it, changing sails and direction when we needed to,” said Manrique, who – after the week’s racing concluded – also scored a class win in PHRF Spinnaker. (PHRF Non-Spinnaker, Schooner and Multihull also sailed.)

According to CRC Executive Director Karen Angle, three boats that didn’t make the time limit (Terminal Velocity, Naut-On Call and Second Wind) reported completing the Key West to Varadero leg under sail while the remainder of the 25-boat fleet headed for Cuba under motor. “There was some disappointment about that, of course, but weather is the one thing we can’t control. Overall, everyone had a positive experience, and our ninth running of the event was a success.”

Key West Cuba Race Week is a four-part series with three distance legs that form a triangle between Key West, Varadaro and Havana. The ultimate prize is the Conch Republic Cup. (photo credit: Priscilla Parker)

Angle said that the 90-mile race from Varadero to Havana had to be abandoned due to lack of wind. Also, a Northerly blew in to postpone the planned mid-week Castillo del Moro buoy race, which was then combined with the final race from Havana back to Key West. “The competitors had a challenging and enjoyable sail back to Key West,” said Angle. A highlight of the event was a visit by U.S. Ambassador to Cuba Jeffrey DeLaurentis. In fact, the entire U.S. Embassy staff watched excitedly from shore in Havana as the fleet rounded a mark by the Malecon before heading back across the ocean to Key West. “Going across from Key West, we finished in 21 hours, 11 minutes, and on the way back from Cuba we finished in 14 hours,” said Manrique. “The wind was more toward the nose, and we dialed into the 14-20+ knots of breeze, played the Gulf Stream current, and basically were flying across the ocean.” Manrique said he enjoyed most the architecture (“amazing”), people (“very friendly), and touring Hemingway House and Hotel Nacional (“interesting”). A highlight was exchanging burgees from his home yacht clubs of Wyzata Yacht Club (Minnesota) and South Carolina Yacht Club (Hilton Head Island, S.C.) with Commodore Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich of the Hemingway International Yacht Club, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Said Commodore Escrich: “The Conch Republic Cup regatta was a very encouraging event, because it brought us a very friendly representation of 152 members of yacht clubs from the United States of America. Since 1997, the event has contributed significantly to the construction of the friendship bridge that we started in 1992, when this Cuban nautical institution was founded.”

From left: Hemingway International Yacht Club Commodore Escrich, scenes from Cuba (photo credit: Priscilla Parker)

Manrique sailed with a crew of nine, all “quite talented and experienced” and some with whom he has raced since the early ‘90s.

“It’s so different preparing for a distance race than a buoy race, and just doing this event was a unique experience in itself. From those perspectives, I’d have to say everything came together to make it a great event. What made it greater for us was winning our class and overall!”

Racing action (photo credit: Priscilla Parker)

Individual Race Results (overall class results at http://bit.ly/2krtkys)

OVERALL WINNER – CONCH REPUBLIC CUP Island Flyer (PHRF Spinnaker), Wauquiez Centurion 40, Denny Manrique, Tonka Bay, Minnesota, USA

KEY WEST TO VARADERO RACE – MICHELE GESLIN MEMORIAL CUP PHRF – Spinnaker (8 boats) 1. Second Star, J 122, J.D. Hill, Dallas, Texas, USA 2. Island Flyer, Wauquiez Centurion 40, Denny Manrique, Tonka Bay, Minnesota, USA

Note: No other classes finished the Key West to Varadero Race within the time limit


CASTILLO DEL MORO RACE PHRF – Spinnaker (8 Boats) 1. Naut-On Call, Beneteau Oceanis 381, Eddie Evans, Hanahan, S.C., USA 2. Terminal Velocity, T10, Simon Beemsterboer, Chicago, Ill., USA 3. Godspeed, Hinckley SW 50, Douglas Kinney, Annapolis, Md., USA PHRF – Non-Spinnaker (11 Boats) 1. Endurance, Jenneau Voyage 11.20, James Plantz, Brunswick, Ga. 2. SeaSpirit, Watkins 33, Brian Harrison , Key West, Fla., USA 3. Bonnie Lass, Morgan Cuttefr/Leo Clavin , Port Orange, Fla., USA Schooner Class (2 Boats) 1. Irony, Parker Exuma 55, Dennis Hansen, Chicago, Ill., USA 2. When and If, Alden 63.5, Seth Salzmann, Key West, Fla., USA Multihull (4 Boats) 1. Quince Amor, Fountaine Pajot Saba 50, James Hancock, Alameda, Calif., USA

HAVANA TO KEY WEST RACE PHRF – Spinnaker (PHRF – 8 Boats) 1. Island Flyer (PHRF Spinnaker), Wauquiez Centurion 40, Denny Manrique, Tonka Bay, Minnesota, USA 2. Terminal Velocity, T10, Simon Beemsterboer, Chicago, Ill., USA 3. Naut-On Call, Beneteau Oceanis 381, Eddie Evans, Hanahan, S.C., USA PHRF – Non-Spinnaker (PHRF – 11 Boats) 1. Second Wind, Jeanneau 54, Dean Stevens Hocking, San Rafael, Calif., USA 2. Endurance, Jenneau Voyage 11.20, James Plantz, Brunswick, Ga., USA

3. Lou Nautics, Catalina 42 41.83, Louis Daniello, North Palm Beach, Fla., USA Schooner Class (PHRF – 2 Boats) 1. Irony, Parker Exuma 55, Dennis Hansen, Chicago, Ill., USA 2. When and If, Alden 63.5, Seth Salzmann, Key West, Fla., USA Multihull (PHRF – 4 Boats) 1. Quince Amor, Fountaine Pajot Saba 50, James Hancock, Alameda, Calif., USA


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Key West to Cuba
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Event Dates
Jan 26-Feb 3, 2018

Schedule of Events

  • Friday, Jan. 26:
    10am-5pm Registration and Race Village (Location TBD)
    6pm Skipper’s Meeting
    7pm Welcome Party at Schooner Wharf Bar & Grill
  • Saturday, Jan. 27:
    4 pm Start Race from Key West to Marina Hemingway
  • Sunday, Jan. 28:
    Arrive in Marina Hemingway
    7pm Welcome Party Hemingway International Yacht Club (HIYC)
  • Monday, Jan. 29:
    Lay Day
  • Tuesday, Jan. 30:
    6pm Skipper’s Meeting for Buoy Race (HIYC)
    7pm Happy Hour at HIYC
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31:
    12pm Torreon de la Chorrera Buoy Race
    7 pm Awards Party at HIYC
  • Thursday, Feb. 1:
    Lay Day
  • Friday, Feb. 2:
    12 Noon Start Race from Marina Hemingway to Key West
  • Saturday, Feb. 3:
    Arrive in Key West
    7pm Awards Party

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